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Welcome to Communication Connects. This website is dedicated to providing practical, useable information for speech/language pathologists, educators, and parents.

When we share our techniques and “ideas that work” with our colleagues and others in the child’s environment, a child’s communicative development can be further enhanced, encouraging functional communicative abilities.

Site News

Great Response!
Thank you kids for the wonderful stories that are daily being submitted. Such creativity and genius! Also, we appreciate the responses, sharing and questions you and your teachers are sending our way. Have a safe and enjoyable summer vacation. Remember, we love hearing from you over the summer also. The Story-Making Machine is a great way to practice speech sounds on your own so you can impress your speech teacher in the fall!

Did You Know?
Are you aware that you can print stories from
Story-Making Machine without having any letters highlighted? Go to the Story-Making Machine link. Choose the target you want highlighted as “none”, and then click on “continue”. You then will have access to a complete list of all the stories that have been submitted on the site, without any specific sound highlighted. Some useful therapy ideas could include choosing any story and then having your students find and circle particular sounds before reading the story orally to you. Or one child can orally read a story, while another child who is working on the same sound can listen and indicate when he hears the sound.

Once Upon a Time . . .
Anther school year has begun and children have been very busy submitting wonderful stories to "share with the world". Check the
Story-Making Machine for the latest.

We're Back!
Thanks to all of you for your patience during our technical difficulties. Your many letters of encouragement and positive comments regarding our site are greatly appreciated.

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