The Therapist resource page of Communication Connects includes ideas and techniques that can be helpful during a SLP’s day. In addition, there are suggestions for ways an SLP can communicate with others in the child’s environment, such as classroom teachers and parents, to help promote better communication skills.

Getting Organized
This link contains a variety of organizational tools that can be downloaded for your use. These forms, charts, lists, and sample letters can be helpful with caseload file management, lesson plans, outside contacts, and more.

Informational Articles
This information can be helpful in understanding and meeting the needs of children with speech/language disorders.

Therapy Techniques/Ideas
This link offers ideas, suggestions and techniques that can be used during therapy sessions. There are also suggestions to assist you in connecting with other individuals in the child’s environment, such as teachers and parents.

Story-Making Machine
Have fun reading stories written by children for children! These simple stories and poems can have specific target sounds highlighted to help children remember to produce their target sound correctly when reading a story out loud. There is also an option to have no target sounds highlighted, which is useful when wanting the child to find the target sound by circling or underlining, or to use as classroom story-writing assignments. Include the title, author's first name and grade, or add a picture if you wish. Submit the stories and I will put them on the Story-Making page for parents or other students to enjoy and practice.

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